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Ninety percent of incidents occur because of risky behaviors. Those risky behaviors are driven by the attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of employees, which are based on the norms and culture of an organization.

  • Reveal PERCEPTION GAPS in the attitudes and beliefs
  • Impact your SAFETY CULTURE and overall business performance

The Caterpillar Safety Perception Survey is a powerful safety culture assessment tool with a rich history of research and development, which started in the 1970s with safety pioneer Dr. Dan Petersen. It includes:

  • 73 Questions. Every employee in the organization is given a voice in the journey by providing yes/no responses to the survey questions. The survey can be administered through a pencil-to-scan form or an online survey method. 
  • 20 Indicators. Each survey question links to one of the 20 safety culture indicators, such as Safety Training, Management Credibility, Communication and Recognition for Performance. These indicators are proven to influence an organization’s overall safety performance.
  • 3 Levels. Survey results are segmented into three specific groups – employees, supervisors and managers – in order to reveal perception gaps. The areas of greatest perception disparity typically become the first focal points in a continuous improvement strategy.

Learn more about the Safety Perception Survey in this 30 minute webinar by Dr. Mike Williamsen.

Analysis Report

Data is benchmarked against world-class safety organizations and analyzed by our experienced consultants. A written analysis report is created and recommended next steps are delivered to executive leaders. This process is the catalyst for safety culture improvement.


Onsite interviews are available to gather qualitative data on the safety culture at the individual level. Whether used as a tool to compliment the safety culture survey or as a stand-alone process, the interview and follow-up analysis identify focal points for change.

Sample Interview Questions
Take the first step to build employee engagement by giving them a voice in your safety culture journey. Contact us today to get started.


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