Speak Up! Listen Up! Combo

Commit to Give and Receive Feedback

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What's included:
  • Two Module Series
  • Video: 19 Minutes
  • Leader Guide
  • Supplemental Materials CD
  • Price:$628.00


Speak Up!

Help employees learn how to give safety-related feedback to co-workers. The scenarios presented in the Speak Up! 10-minute video demonstrate that each employee can contribute to workplace safety by learning simple, easy-to-use feedback techniques. Giving effective feedback doesn't happen automatically. It's essential that you focus on the facts to tell it like it is: this program emphasizes that every person has the responsibility to speak up whenever they see something that's not right. In safety, silence is not golden.

Listen Up!

How many times do suggestions get confused with criticism? Or why do too many people miss the real message? Listen Up! is the program that not only demonstrates the internal challenges we face when receiving feedback, but it also presents the way to overcome them. When we focus on the message, not the messenger, and commit to making change, we contribute to the development of a positive safety culture.

Purchase the combo and receive a savings of 10% over buying Speak Up! and Listen Up! separately!

Languages Available:

Native language voice and on-screen text/titles: Bahasa - Malaysia, Chinese - Mandarin, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French Canadian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish- North America, Swedish, Thai (Speak UP! only), Turkish, and Vietnamese (Speak UP! only)

Also available with subtitles only in Dutch, German and Italian.


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