Who could be better at solving safety issues than those doing the work? Your front-line people are your best resource. Solving safety frustrations is about systematic, focused improvement efforts. Arm your workers with revolutionary tools and concepts through our consultants’ experiential examples.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Learn the Six Criteria for Safety Excellence
  • Tap into front-line employees’ field experience to develop new or improve existing safety activities
  • Foster authentic involvement through employees’ creation of action plan
  • Escape the status quo, and create new norms that foster safety excellence

Teams consist of 7-to-9 people who are most affected by the problem they need to solve. Teams meet for 4-to-10 days, depending on the scope of the project, to make rapid improvements.

Any safety problem is fair game for improvement. You can allow your team to choose which issue is most important to them, or look for gaps in your Safety Perception Survey results. Common team topics include near-miss reporting, effective safety meetings and hazard identification and correction.


Caterpillar wants each of our customers to arrive Safely home. Everyone. Every day.™ Wherever you are in your safety journey, Caterpillar Safety Services can provide you the tools, resources and knowledge to develop a sustainable culture of safety excellence.

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