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Safety Service Letters address potential issues that may, in conjunction with other factors or circumstances, result in a risk of personal injury or death. To check if there are any open Safety Service Letters for your Cat equipment, click on this link and enter the serial number of the equipment.

Should your equipment have any open Safety Service Letters, please contact your local Cat dealer immediately to schedule this service.  You will not be charged for the service performed.  We regret the inconvenience this may cause you, but urge you to have this service performed for your added safety and satisfaction. Caterpillar Safety Service Letter Search


About Caterpillar Safety Services

Caterpillar believes in the importance of safety and we want our customers to arrive Safely home. Everyone. Every day.™ This requires safe and reliable equipment, well-trained operators, properly designed job sites and a commitment to safety throughout the organization. Wherever you are in your safety journey, Caterpillar Safety Services is committed to providing you the tools, resources and knowledge to develop a sustainable culture of safety excellence.

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